In the era of stock competition, Internet advertisers have entered the field
  • Release time : 2022-08-13

Globally, the advertising and marketing industry has entered the stock cycle. Both the advertising data of the financial reports of major foreign companies and the domestic advertising market data recently released are facing a slowdown in growth. The once extensive buying mode of throwing money has become a thing of the past. The advertising market in the stock era is more cruel and needs more refined operation.

Yang Haidong, general manager of regional channel of Alibaba super Huichuan advertising platform, recently introduced a new incentive measure: award car. Every quarter, he will send 4 vehicles to the best agent team.

Yang Haidong told reporters that this is not a gimmick, but because the agent really needs it. Every morning, there are four or five agents in 37 cities across the country who set out in one car to provide advertising and marketing services to advertisers within a radius of 100 kilometers. Instead of going to the high-end office buildings in the provincial capitals to meet the advertisers, they sink to the fourth and fifth tier cities, even towns and villages, and fields, and visit them once a quarter.

   yes, as a mainstream Internet manufacturer, we are now working very hard to provide advertising services to small and medium-sized enterprises.

  Wang Na said that advertisers not only hope to obtain new users, but also hope that the attracted users can form a purchase on the platform, and hope to complete the closed loop of capital withdrawal. This means that advertising marketing needs to be more in-depth.

Yang Huaiyuan, general manager of Alibaba's super Huichuan advertising platform, also made similar observations. He told reporters that according to his research, 80% of advertisers' marketing objectives are to improve the conversion of purchase. 60% of advertisers are worried that the conversion cost will increase year by year. "The biggest challenge in the stock age is how to do a good job in user management in a market without such a large flow increment."

On August 4, the intelligent marketing platform of Alibaba intelligent information business group was renamed super Huichuan advertising platform, which changed from a platform based on advertising traffic marketing to a comprehensive digital marketing platform. This platform is mainly responsible for Alibaba's search and information flow commercialization business, including UC, quark, Shuqi, Youku and other products. After that, on the basis of advertising traffic marketing, they strengthen the in-depth operation after customers are obtained and can also provide services. Yang Huaiyuan said that he hopes to reassure advertisers before, during and after the investment.

Source: Economic Observation Network

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